Jhestine Imierin

Owner of Tempting Tonics


Female half-elf alchemist


Jhestine Imierin is the town’s apothecary and healer. Jhestine’s father was a snow elf and her mother a native Cyran. She moved south during a particularly harsh winter and opened her apothecary shop to help the people of Torch deal with the tainted water from the Weeping Pond. Jhestine sells a variety of herbs and special substances, and now that Crowfeather Palace has made the waters of the lake drinkable, she’s been able to turn her attention away from her original purpose to crafting all manner of other potions and elixirs for sale. Among numerous other concoctions, she currently offers a wide range of poisons, antitoxin, healing potions, and even a few technological pharmaceuticals.

Jhestine Imierin

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