Lawton & Katina Rimos

Brother & sister who own the Copper Coin


Male human commoner & female human expert


One of the oldest taverns in Torch, the Copper Coin stands right on the western edge of town. This fixture nightspot fills up with patrons almost every evening, and it is especially popular with laborers and artisans looking to relax after a hard day’s work. Siblings Lawton and Katina Rimos run the Coin as a quality establishment with good food at reasonable prices. In fact, much like their father, who ran the tavern for 15 years before passing away, they pride themselves on claiming everything costs ’just a few coppers." Lawton runs the kitchen, cooking up signature dishes like spiced lamb and lentil soup with sourdough bread. Katina tends bar, serving up popular drinks like Rusty Ale, Wineberry Mead, Steelforged Stout, and Black Hill Whiskey.

Lawton & Katina Rimos

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